Astrological theories

All life is one

Astrology is based on a holistic view of the universe, the belief that all of life is one.

In other words, every living organism is directly related to and affected by a larger whole. All entities are subject to the same universal laws. Smaller life structures are related to the larger life structures, and vice versa.

Time plays an important role, in the sense that when an entity is born, it shares the characteristics of the bigger entity it is a part of. When a man is born, he "inherits" the universal laws operating at the time of birth. He is "moulded" or "stamped" by the cosmic vibrations operating in the world he enters.

Is all life one?

When a living entity - a human being - dies, all the atoms and cells in his body die at the same time. This is quite obvious, as together they form a whole.

Man lives on earth. If the earth were to be annihilated by a huge meteor, all living beings on the earth would die, too.

The earth is a part of the solar system. If that system were to be destroyed, all the planets and beings on the planets would also die.

What happens to the larger entity affects the smaller ones. In turn, the smaller entities affect the larger ones. Take, for instance, mankind. By affecting the ecosystem, humans have changed the balance of nature and thereby the earth. This, in turn, affects mankind.

Another example of the relationship between larger and smaller life systems is that of the sperm, the egg and the fully-grown human being. A single sperm combined with a single egg contains the entire genetic blueprint for a new fully formed individual. In turn, the fully-formed individuals carry the blueprint for a new individual inside of them.

We can use our knowledge about one living entity (system) to observe and make predictions about another.

A scientist who examines a human gene in a microscope can, with enough knowledge and experience, predict certain things about that individual. He may, for instance, be able to see whether he or she will suffer from genetic diseases.

By the same token, an astrologer who examines an individual's planetary blueprint at the time of birth is able to make certain predictions about that person's life and potential.

Parallel Theories

The theory about the unity or oneness of the world is as old as astrology itself. It is reflected in various fields of study and schools of thought, ranging from religion to philosophy to quantum physics.

The Bible

The book of Genesis states that God created man in His own image. God is said to be everywhere at once, omniscient and omnipotent. He is both the creator of the world and the world itself. So if God is the world and man is created in God's image, then man is created in the image of the world. In other words, his life structure reflects the world's structure and vice versa.


A Buddhist theory called Dharmadhatu, which translates as The Universal Path, maintains that objects and events in the world have no division and no boundaries. In other words, all living entities and objects are part of an undivided whole. Philosophy

The philosopher Alfred North Whitehead put forth the theory of "organic unity" and the "wave movement of reality". According to this theory, all things normally considered to be unrelated - past and future, the observer and the observed - are in fact connected like the highest and lowest part of a wave. The separation of one physical object from another is merely an illusion.

Quantum Physics

Physicists, in the first half of the 20th century, devoted themselves to finding the smallest existing particles of matter. Through research on the atom they came to the conclusion that it was impossible to control or pin down atomic particles because they appeared to gravitate outward to connect with their environment.

Based on this, Heisenberg put forth his "principle of uncertainty" theory, which states, among other things, that it is impossible to measure the properties of a particle of matter with any certainty without losing other important information about it. The researcher always influences the subject of his research, meaning that it is impossible to divide one from the other. Writing about this in his book No Boundary, Ken Wilber comments, "In short, the quantum physicists discovered that reality could no longer be viewed as a complex of distinct things and boundaries. Rather, what were once thought to be bounded 'things' turned out to be interwoven aspects of each other. For some strange reason, every thing and event in the universe seemed to be interconnected with every other thing and event in the universe. The world, the real territory, began to look not like a collection of billiard balls but more like a singe, giant, universal field, which Whitehead called the 'seamless coat of the universe'." (p. 38)

No gravitational pull

The "all life is one" theory means that Astrology is not based on planetary gravitational theories. The gravitational pull of Pluto or Saturn does not affect the lives on human beings on earth. In fact, the planets affect us as much as we affect them.

The Solar system, with its inhabitants, homo sapiens, is quite simply, a single system we can observe and make predictions and deductions about.

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